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New design secondary package led pixel

The secondary package led pixel point light source,

is seal the leds in the polymer package after the first package of the LED chip and other driving or control circuits are completed in the electronic circuit.

It is waterproof IP68 and dustproof, can be used in harsh environments such as underwater and underground.

Now available for 20mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm led pixel light string.

Advantages of secondary packaging led pixel point sources:

The waterproof problem of LED pixel outdoor lighting products has always been a big problem during use.

So the lifetime is limited by the waterproof problem in some factors;

The secondary packing pixels successfully solving the waterproof problem of LED lamps,

improved the lifetime and stability of the lamps.

1. The secondary package led pixel point light source generally use anti-UV packaging material,

so that the LED lamp does not crack on its own can used for 10 years outdoor.

2, It is design with ultra-thin transparent cover, suitable for more occasions,

and transparent cover won't affect the building beauty in daylight.

3. Secondary packaged LED lamps have the advantages that traditional LED products do not have,

so that designers can design the project with lamps used in underwater, underground, and any other building designs.

and the large-scale landscape lighting works can be realized perfectly.

LED secondary package led pixel point source features:

1. Small-size LED point light source are designed as pixel light string,

suitable for outdoor lighting project, signboard advertising light box,

indoor lighting design, display overall color change effect;

2. Single-line serial connection, low-voltage power supply,

ensuring efficient signal transmission, easy to install and easy maintain;

3, the number of light string can be specified based on installation environment;

and customized to meet the special project needs.

4. The secondary package point light source use 256-level IC,

and the display animation is softer, more delicate and more colorful.

The application secondary package led pixel point source:

1. Outline of the building, the elevated structure and the bridge;

2, the ground glass square display;

3, the square floor decoration lighting;

4. Ferris wheel and other amusement rides decoration;

5. The landscape of the river and river embankment lighting.

6, outdoor advertising display, building display;

7, signs,

8. Decorative lighting for ancient buildings;

9. The decoration on the top of the building.

10, text and image line outline;

11. Built-in light source for shaped and personalized lamps.

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