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What is digital led strip? What can they do for me?

With more and more colorful lighting you can see everywhere, you may wonder what are these lights? We may get used to the different color they present us, but do you want to know why? In this article we will explain how normal light turn to colorful.

The most widely use SMD leds, there are many category as smd2020/smd2835/smd3535/smd3040/smd5050/smd5730 etc. They all could be single color like white/red/green/blue etc,  Among these leds, now only smd2020 smd3535 and smd5050 have RGB version.

You may know analog led strip, RGB color change colors at same time. They usually used to illuminate or decoration in club, TV studios or indoor home lighting to get some simple effects.

While digital led strip, it is with integrated circuit (usually call IC) built inside of SMD5050 RGB led chip. With IC controlled, the R-G-B 3 colors can mix to 167million colors, as below picture, each led with an integrated circuit inside, make it possible that each led change color individually.

Now there are many kinds integrated circuit in market, from different IC manufacture. Most common use is ws2812/ws2812b/ws2811/ws2813/ws2815/sk6812/sk6822/sk9822/sk6805/apa102 etc.. Many of them are share same protocol that can easily control by SPI signal.

The digital led strip can suit many occasions due to the various color change, they are widely used in DJ club, stage, events, concert, advertising and screen, ceiling, lighting, public art show and many other projects, game machine, even DIY wearable things.

About digital led control, now there are simply remote controller, and program controller which can DIY your own program and creative.

Come on and get your own design!

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