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What is ws2815 led strip-12v addressable rgb digital led tape

The main function of LED WS2815 full color digital led: 1, Digital LED WS2815 full color integrate all electronic components in one 5050 lamp, do not need any other peripheral electronic components to assist to constitute a complete internal control pixel. At the same time, the WS2815 led strip light reduces the drag caused by the inverted product during the installation of the product. 2, LED WS2815 full-color lamp with serial cascade interface, dual signal line transmission, WS2815 achieved the breakpoint resume transmission function, in which a single pixel point damage will not affect the pixel behind, also will not affect the whole project effect. 3, LED WS2815 magic lights with intelligent reverse connection protection, when installation and reverse the 12V power supply in short time, will not cause lamp damage. 4, WS2815 full color led have built-in signal shaping circuit, any pixel point received signal will have waveform shaping progress and then output, to ensure that the line waveform distortion will not accumulate. 5, WS2815 led have 3 chips inside, three primary colors of each pixel can achieve 256 levels brightness display, complete 16777216 colors display and port scanning frequency 2KHz / s. 6, LED WS2815 does not need to add any signal amplification circuit when distance less than 5 meters. 7. When the refresh rate is 30 frames/second, the number of cascades is not less than 1024 points. 8, the data transmission speed can reach 800Kbps. The color of the light is consistent and cost-effective.

The parameters of addressable rgb digital LED WS2815 full color led strip: Product Name: EFSWS2815RGB5012V060 Working voltage: DC12V IC model number: WS2815 IC type: IC-built in type Number of ICs: 60 / m Number of lamp: 60 lights / meter Lamp type: SMD 5050 Lamp color: Addressable RGB Pixels PCB Type: 4 oz. Double FPCB (Flexible Soft Board) PCB width: 10mm PCB thickness: 0.4mm Maximum power: 43.2W (144leds/m) FPCB color: white / black Length per roll: 5 m / roll Packing: anti-static packaging Weight per plate: 240g (drop glue) 100g (bare pcb board) 200g (silicon tube) Waterproof level: IP20/IP65/IP67/IP68 optional Working temperature: -40 ° C ~ 70 ° C Storage temperature: -50 ° C ~ 80 ° C Light source life: 50,000 hours Wiring method: 4PIN terminal connector (red line: 12V+, green line: signal line DI, yellow line: spare signal line BI, Black line: GND)

The Application of 12V addressable rgb ws2815 led strip The light source of this product is rich color and more visibility. Widely used in wall corridors, indoor environment decoration, product model lighting decoration, game machine lighting decoration, speaker lighting decoration, entertainment venue, wine bar counter backlight, ceiling backlight, LED light box light source, LED light card, aquarium supplies, car decoration Etc. It is a new lighting sources that replace traditional neon, fluorescent and fluorescent tubes.

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