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DMX 512 signal amplifier explanation

1. Amplifier define:

PAD pins defines:

A,B,GND:differential signal input

ZJIN: bus input;

VIN:power input

ADD: addressing port

2. Amplifier connect with leds as following:

1) connection way:

Output side 4pin wire connect to leds as follows:


ADD<=>ADD(addressing input and output)


DATR<=>DAT(parallel signal bus)

2)  connection way:

Use a connector with one 3pin side and one 2pin side:

3pin connect to DAT,ADD,GND.

2pin connect to VDD,GND.

Input side use one 3pin and two 2pin connectors:

3pin signal output as follows:


A<=>A or D+

B<=>B or D-

No need to connect 3pin wire to controller When write address.

2pin connector signal as follows:

One 2pin connect to VIN and GND to supply power,

One 2pin connect to ADD and GND for addressing.

When addressing, one 2pin connect to power supply, another 2pin connect to address port.


After addressing, 3pin connect to controller, 2pin connect to power supply, lights get normal work.

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