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Why my T-1000S/T-4000/T-8000 not working?

Question 1, After power, the T-1000S/T-4000/T-8000 ERROR indicator has been flashing without display output

answer, The ERROR indicator has been flashing means the controller did not read the card correctly, possible problems:

    ①SD card is empty, with no effect file.

    ②The effect file in the SD card and the controller model are not match, please choose correct controller model in LedEdit and then re-create the effect file *led.

    ③SD card did not format to FAT before copy effect files.

    ④Please check the supply power voltage, the controller can be individually powered to exclude power reasons

    ⑤Changing the SD card and then test to exclude the possibility of a bad SD card

Question 2: The controller is powered on, the indicator is normal, but no effect change in lighting

Answer: The reasons for this are as follows:

① Check if the lighting′s signal line and the controller connected correctly

② If the TTL signal is received, the lamp and the controller must be common ground, that means connect the lighting′s and the controller′s ground together

③ Check if the model chose during making display files on the SD card match the chips used in the lighting

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